Monday, 22 February 2016

The beanie boos steal the computer!

Hi everyone, it's Ella's beanie boos here, we just need to do the roll. 

Daria (pink and white sheep)   yes
Ellie (pink elephant with blue spots)  yes         Fetch (dalmatian with blue under ears) yes       Glamour (pink and purple leopard) yes  
Ice Cube (blue penguin with purple spots) yes Leona (blue and green leopard) yes
Pegasus (white, silver and gold unicorn) yes
Slush ( grey and white husky) yes
Tabitha (tabby cat) yes
Waddles (black and white penguin)

Good, all of us are here. Well, it's me Tabitha, typing because I'm the only one that knows how to type because Ella has to  help everyone else. Now, why we are on the computer doing this is because some of the boys want to start online dating with other beanie boos all around the globe. That was just an introduction we will have more posts on it later

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