Saturday, 6 February 2016

My very first post

                                    Beanie Boos

                                           A Shopping Day

Hi everyone! Yesterday me and my Dad were going to Farmers to look for a Beanie Boo. We bumped into my BFF and we looked at the beanie boos together.  Me and my BFF didn't like any of the ones on the shelves, so we helped her find one at Toy world. Unfortunaley ,we already had all of the beanie boos there. We found some fake ones but they were too much money. We spent an hour trying to help my sister get a beanie boo and she ended up with Sylvainian Families. We all trudged sadly along to the Sushi Shop. On the way out, we saw some Beanie Boos in Whitcoulls. We stopped in there. My BFF got a pink and purple raccoon called Roxie. I got a pink elephant called Ellie. And that concluded the shopping trip.

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